Embroidery: Where Creativity Meets Productivity

Embroidery is the art of using needle and thread to stitch designs into fabric. It is a similar process to what you might have seen at home with a little wooden hoop but commercialized with magnetic hoops at 1,000 stitches a minute into various garment styles.

At RockHopper we have several multi head machines that can handle intricate designs, thick fabrics, and high volume.


Become A Wholesaler

RockHopper contracts screen printing and embroidery services to resellers all over the United States.

What is a reseller?

A reseller is the link between manufacturers and consumers. In this equation RockHopper is simply the printer of the product. Our reseller accounts purchase their products from us, in bulk, at a discounted price then turn around and market and sell those products at a profit to their consumers. In order to be a reseller, you have to have a registered business and a specialized permit.

RockHopper would love to work with you in you future business endeavors. Becoming a wholesaler is a quick and easy set up. Contact us today to get started!

Print VS Thread: Which service is right for you?

You see both embroidered and screen printed items and although the overall difference between the two services is clear, we can help you discern which service is right for your project.

The general rule of thumb is that: flat surfaces (like t-shirts) are optimal for screen-printing while oddly shaped materials that do not lay flat (like hats) are better off being embroidered.


Embroidery over print can be best for a more textured, professional look and feel. This look works great on garments like polos and jackets, hats and visors, and thicker bags and backpacks.

Embroidery is also the most common service for names and monograms on items such as blankets, stockings, vests, towels, and other accessories.

Embroidery is a great option for adding small embellishments for branding in special places like shirt cuffs, hoods, and pockets.

Where embroidery can lack is with small intricate lettering and detail, grunge effects, gradients, and shading. Overall larger designs (full back or chest) can often be gaudy, heavy, and not cost effective.

Screen Printing

Screen printing over embroidery is best for a crisp and soft look and feel. This look works great for larger surface areas, intricate details, gradients and shading, and textured or grunge designs.

Screen printing is generally more cost effective especially when referring to flat surfaces like t-shirts, towels, and tote bags making this type of decoration better for large quantities and promotional items and giveaways.


With screen printing vector artwork is needed for the cleanest print quality. Vector artwork is images consisting of points and curves made up of mathematical formulas causing it to be infinitely scalable. Vector artwork can be a small sticker up to a large billboard and any size in-between without quality loss.

With embroidery the artwork must be digitized. Digitized artwork is created by taking an image and creating a layered digital roadmap for the needle and thread to follow. These layers will consist of different stitch types like run stitch, fill stitch, and satin stitches, mixed with color changes and density levels to create the effects the image requires.


Screen print pricing is primarily determined by number of colors at each location whereas embroidery pricing is mainly determined by number of stitches at each location.